Development roadmap#

My long-term goal for hyoga is to develop a fully automated workflow to model paleoglaciers with PISM, and perhaps other models, anywhere on Earth.

I hope that hyoga will eventually become a community package. Yet for the time being, the code base is still unstable, thus I will likely prioritise my own development roadmap over user requests.

Until I come up with better contributing guidelines and co, here is an evolving document that I use to keep track of my progress and plan future releases, some kind of incremental version of the API reference, with a glimpse into the future. I hope to release v0.5.0 sometime in Spring 2023.

v0.5.x Jobs#

  •   Job

  •   JobChain?

  •   JobFrame?

  •   doc: workflow/preparing

  •   doc: workflow/submitting

v0.4.x Domains#

  •   Domain

  •   DomainSet

  •   doc: foreword/install

  •   doc: workflow/domains

v0.3.x Inputs#

v0.2.x Cartography#




v0.1.x Plotting#