Dataset.hyoga.plot.bedrock_altitude(sealevel=0, **kwargs)#

Plot bedrock topography and shoreline.

  • sealevel (float, optional) –

    Substract this value to the bedrock altitude before plotting. This will effectively shift the bedrock color mapping according to sea level, which may be useful for instance if different colors are used for negative and positive elevations. Note that vmax=3000, though, will always be 3000 bedrock altitude units above sea level.

    Deprecated since version 0.2.1: will be removed in version 0.4.0. To center the colormap around sealevel, use the xarray keyword argument center=sealevel.

  • **kwargs (optional) – Keyword arguments passed to xarray.DataArray.plot.imshow(). Defaults to a grey colormap, zorder=-1 so that any other plot becomes an overlay to the bedrock altitude, and disabling the xarray colorbar.


image (AxesImage) – The plotted bedrock altitude image.