Interpolated with surface topo#

Demonstrate interpolating two-dimensional model output when surface topography, rather than bedrock topography, is present in the original data. The result is the same as in the interpolated output example.

Interpolated output

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import hyoga

# initialize figure
ax = plt.subplot()

# open demo data
with'') as ds:

    # compute surface altitude and remove bedrock altitude
    ds['usurf'] = ds.hyoga.getvar('surface_altitude')
    ds = ds.drop('topg')

    # compute isostatic adjustment from a reference input topography
    ds = ds.hyoga.assign_isostasy(''))

    # perform the actual interpolation
    ds = ds.hyoga.interp(''))

    # plot model output
    ds.hyoga.plot.bedrock_altitude(ax=ax, cmap='Topographic', center=False)
    ds.hyoga.plot.ice_margin(ax=ax, facecolor='w')

    # add scale bar

# set title
ax.set_title('Interpolated output')

# show

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