Dataset.hyoga.plot.ice_margin(edgecolor='0.25', facecolor=None, **kwargs)#

Plot ice margin line and/or filled contour

  • edgecolor (matplotlib color, optional) – Color for the ice margin contour line, defaults to dark grey.

  • facecolor (matplotlib color, optional) – Color for the glacierized area fill, defaults to none.

  • **kwargs (optional) – Keyword arguments passed to xarray.DataArray.plot.contour() and xarray.DataArray.plot.contourf(). Defaults to a thin contour line for the ice margin and no fill. If facecolor is provided, defaults to applying light transparency in the fill.


contours (QuadContourSet) – The plotted ice margin contour set or a tuple of two contour sets if both edgecolor and facecolor were given.