Dataset.hyoga.assign_isostasy(datasource, name='isostasy')#

Compute bedrock isostatic adjustment using a separate file.

  • datasource (DataArray, Dataset, str, Path, file-like or DataStore) – Data array, or a dataset or path to a file containing the reference bedrock topography (standard name “bedrock_altitude”) or the reference surface topography and ice thickness (standard names “surface_altitude” and “land_ice_thickness”) from which it is computed.

  • name (string, optional) – Default name for the new isostasy variable. Not used if standard name “bedrock_altitude_change_due_to_isostatic_adjustment” is already present in the dataset.


dataset (Dataset) – The dataset with added uplift variable, with standard name “bedrock_altitude_change_due_to_isostatic_adjustment” (replacing existing variables).