Dataset.hyoga.plot.surface_hillshade(altitude=None, azimuth=None, weight=None, exag=1, **kwargs)#

Plot surface altitude multidirectional hillshade.

  • altitude (float or iterable, optional) – Altitude angle(s) of illumination in degrees. Defaults to three light sources at 45 degrees. Any of azimuth, altitude and weight provided as iterables need to have equal lengths.

  • azimuth (float or iterable, optional) – Azimuth angle(s) of illumination in degrees (clockwise from north). Defaults to three light sources at 255, 315 and 15 degree azimuths.

  • weight (float or iterable, optional) – Weight coefficient(s) for each unidirectional hillshade array. It is intended, but not required, that the weights add up to 1. Defaults to [0.25, 0.5, 0.25].

  • exag (float, optional) – Altitude exaggeration factor, defaults to 1.

  • **kwargs (optional) – Keyword arguments passed to xarray.DataArray.plot.imshow(). Defaults to a glossy colormap.


image (AxesImage) – The plotted surface hillshade image.