hyoga.open.natural_earth(theme, category='physical', scale='10m')#

Open Natural Earth geodataframe

  • theme (str or iterable) – Natural Earth data theme(s), such as lakes or admin_0_countries (used to determine the name(s) of the shapefile(s) to download), or one of the lakes_all and rivers_all aliases to open respecively all lakes and rivers including regional subsets (at 10m scale). Please browse https://www.naturalearthdata.com for available themes.

  • category ({'cultural', 'physical'}, optional) – Natural Earth data category (i.e. online folder) used for downloads, defaults to ‘physical’.

  • scale ({'10m', '50m', '110m'}, optional) – Natural Earth data scale controlling the level of detail, defaults to the highest scale of 10m.


gdf (GeoDataFrame) – The geodataframe containing Natural Earth geometries.